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TestStand Consultants

Experts in Automated Test systems

Novator Solutions’ experienced TestStand consultants strengthen your team and help you achieve your goals in automated testing. We have many years of experience and Sweden’s sharpest experts in system development.


Why choose Novator Solutions Teststand Consultants

  • Novator Solutions is recognized by NI as ‘Centre of Excellence’ for top level LabVIEW and TestStand Consultancy and Services
  • Novator Solutions LabVIEW consultants have many years of experience in developing test and measurement systems
  • Our developers and architects have independent certification that validates their knowledge
  • We have experts for small ad-hoc updates & large development projects
  • All our LabVIEW and TestStand consultants are used to working with agile methods
  • Our consultants work with the various variants and tools that belong to LabVIEW’s ecosystem, such as LV Real-Time, LV FPGA, LV OOP and GOOP

What is TestStand? 

TestStand is application software that helps engineers quickly develop robust automated test and validation systems. You can extend the functionality of your system by developing test sequences in TestStand that integrate code modules written in all programming languages. You can use built-in functionality to profile and optimize speed and parallelism before distributing test systems for production. TestStand provides extensible plug-ins for reporting, database logging and connection to other systems, meeting the needs of all environments. With TestStand, you can safely distribute test systems with increased throughput that run at the production speed.

TestStand Consultant

Our TestStand consultants help you develop test sequences and test systems to make your company’s products more successful. All Novator Solutions TestStand consultants are experts who lead everything from small projects to the most complex projects in your organization. We help speed up your project and free up your resources!

Teststand Out-of-the-Box

TestStand offers a ready out of the box production test system which is ideal when you don’t want to invest in building a production test system from scratch.  If you add WATS Test Data Management platform from Virinco to your TestStand system you can track and analyze all your test data in real time very cost efficient. Our TestStand consultants develop and manage test applications in the TestStand environment and build a test code for your hardware.


CLACertified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)

Most of our Consultants have the highest level of LabVIEW certification, CLA. It demonstrates mastery in architecting and project managing LabVIEW applications.

Certified TestStand ArchitectCertified TestStand Architect

The CTA is the highest level of TestStand certification, and it demonstrates the ability to architect, and project manage TestStand applications for multiple developers.

NI Center of ExcellenceNI Center of Excellence

Novator Solutions is recognized by NI (National Instruments) as ‘Centre of Excellence‘ for top level LabVIEW and TestStand Consultancy and Services.

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