Novator Solutions systemarkitekter hjälper ditt företag designa och utveckla nyckelfärdiga testsystem. Vår expertis innefattar allt från enkel felsökning till avancerad systemutveckling.

Design & Development of Turnkey Test Systems 


We offer complete test systems for all stages of product development, so you can focus on developing your product with the best quality. With over 150 years of combined experience in developing test systems for the Swedish industry, we have the knowledge required to understand your complex product and develop a test system based on proven methods. We help set up test strategies to test your product in the best way and then produce a requirement specification for the test system if you don’t already have one. We then develop the test system according to your wishes and requirement specification. Before final delivery we verify the system and CE mark it and final verification when installation is carried out with handover and training at customer site. For future maintenance, we then offer support agreements according to your wishes.

We recommend our customers to use a test framework for the possibility of reusing large parts from the existing system when additional test systems are to be developed. Read more about framework-based testing in our blog post from our CEO Henrik Ulfhielm here.

Development Process 


All, or part of the process below is our recommendation for the delivery of complete test systems. If you wish, you can be involved throughout the process.



Pilot Study

We put togheter a requirements specification, analyze requirements and calculate the cost






We develop and manufacture the system for you, or together with you





Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) 

The system is verified before delivery





The system is delivered and installed at the customer’s premises





Site Acceptance Test (SAT) 

The system is verified on site at the customer






The customer is trained and takes over responsibility for the system






Support och Service 

If desired, a support agreement for service, support and calibration is signed




Product Cycle Tests

R&D Test

Tests in research and development often need more accuracy and greater scope than production tests, which places higher demands on the test platform’s hardware and software. The results of R&D tests are obtained from analyzes that show trends and changes with traceability. Reliable and good basis for analysis and validation is important which can be achieved through easily editable tests, changing configurations and quickly replacing hardware.

Example of R&D test:

        • Prototyptest läs mer
        • HIL (hardware in the loop) test
        • Valideringstest

R&D Test System from Novator Solutions

We develop and deliver complete R&D test systems according to your specifications, we also offer individual consultants with top competence. With our long experience working with testing for product development in many different industries, we know what is required and understand what is important to test. The company’s own product development in other departments also gives us good insight into product development processes and cycles. By standardizing our test development in LabVIEW, we see big gains in the form of high quality and shorter time to market for both our customers and internal products. Modules that are developed can be reused for production tests if you standardize your test platform through several departments. All our consultants work with proven architectures and designs that provide very reliable systems and a higher degree of reuse.










Production Test

To ensure a product’s quality and function, all or selected products are tested. To find out whether function and quality are achieved, several methods are used to measure units of interest. Everything from voltage, current, pressure, flows, control signals to fault detection and location can be measured. Sensors, probes, cameras, etc. specially designed for the specific purpose are measured with instruments that are automated with software. With today’s growing complexity in products, it is very important to detect faults as early as possible to minimize repair and maintenance costs. Test systems must be reliable and efficient in order to minimize production costs and at the same time deliver essential data to be able to analyze and evaluate whether a product achieves the quality and requirements your customers have.

Example of Production test:

        • PCBA-test
        • Functional test
        • Performance test
        • Visual test

Production Test Systems from Novator Solutions

We develop and deliver complete production test systems according to your requirement specification. In order to achieve the highest quality and minimize production costs, Novator Solutions uses proven platforms to develop your test system. We use NI TestStand, LabVIEW and WATS to be able to deliver test systems adapted specifically to your requirements and wishes. By using platforms developed specifically for test systems, we significantly reduce the development cost of test systems and therefore your production cost. With the most certified LabVIEW and Teststand architects and developers in the Nordics, we minimize development time even further. With automatic report management through the cloud-based test data management software WATS, we can efficiently and securely deliver statistical and qualitative analysis capabilities for test data, RMA test and repair data for your production in real-time through the web browser. When it comes to test fixtures, electrical cabinets and mechanical construction, we partner with industry-leading specialists to deliver reliable and robust rigs that can handle your testing needs.

Control and Monitoring Systems

To evaluate products, monitoring tests are often done in combination with control. These are often longer tests where you measure different quantities to look at trends. Great importance is placed on accuracy and many measurement points continuously so as not to miss interesting developments during the tests. A monitoring system needs to have long error-free runtimes, which often leads to the use of real-time hardware and software to ensure a robust system. Like R&D tests, you need to measure many quantities in order to correctly assess products in monitoring tests.

Example of Control & Monitoring Systems:

        • Stress and fatigue test
        • Quality test
        • Continuity test
        • Climate test

Control and Monitoring Systems from Novator Solutions

We can help design systems from scratch. Our experience of working with many different sensors, collaborating with the largest instrument manufacturers and partnering with well-established fixtures and construction companies makes us confident in being able to deliver systems that meet your control and monitoring system requirements. Many aspects of control and monitoring tests are shared by R&D tests as well as production tests, which means that we have great reuse potential that reduces the development time to deliver complete control and monitoring systems.











Collaboration Partners

NI (former National Instruments)

Since the inception of the company, Novator Solutions has been very close collaborating with NI. We have been a Gold Alliance partner for many years and we are the only NI Center of Excellence in Sweden. We make use of NI’s software and hardware for control, test and measurement systems.

We have excellence in the platforms listed below.

  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI TestStand
  • NI VeriStand
  • PXI
  • cDAQ/DAQ
  • CompactRIO/cRIO



We have successfully worked together with Virinco to manage test data, repair data and maintenance data to our customers. WATS is integrated into the customer’s test system and provides access to efficient and secure statistical and qualitative analysis. All data is accessed through a cloud-based solution.

Columbia Elektronik

For overall commitments, we collaborate with Colombia Elektronik to deliver robust and reliable test fixtures.

CN Rood

Reseller for NI in the Nordics and BeNeLux area.



For mechanical construction and cabinets we collaborate with Deventech whohave done professional rigs for us for several projects.


Smaller collaborations have been established over the years to solve tasks such as electrical cabinet design, cable routing, CE marking when our own production technicians do not have the opportunity.



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