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ODEN 3001 is the first intelligent RF spectrum recorder within Novator Solutions wideband record and playback offering with 26.5GHz frequency range and 765MHz real-time bandwidth. This recorder automatically captures individual interfering signals or rare & unknown events of interest for later analysis and spectrum characterization.


Key Facts | RF Spectrum Recorder:

  • Automatic recording of wideband & narrowband signals
  • Records only the signals of interest which meet trigger conditions
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: 765MHz
  • 1024 individual digital downconverters (DDC)
  • Simultaneous processing of all triggered signals
  • High resolution frequency mask trigger (FMT)
  • Live Spectrum and Spectrogram views
  • Enterprise grade storage


ODEN 3001

Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder


ODEN 3001 combines a frequency mask trigger (FMT), 128/1024 individual digital downconverters (DDC) with acquisition regions & rules to record individual channels into separate files. The DDCs in combination with a frequency mask trigger on its own already reduces the amount of data to be recorded substantially. The addition of acquisition regions & acquisition rules gives the operator a new level of freedom to configure sub frequency bands within the real-time bandwidth of interest. The operator also controls how much data in the time & frequency domain are recorded when trigger conditions are met. A large ring buffer ensures that both wideband and narrowband signals are recorded from the beginning when they appear in the spectrum. Thanks to the combination of proven techniques with acquisition regions & rules automated recording has become easier while reducing the overall system cost.


The need for automated recording of individual channels!

COMINT, ELINT & ITU spectrum management have common requirements to record unknown signals & rare energy events for signal & communications surveillance.

SATCOM, broadcast & ITU spectrum monitoring have common requirements to record interfering signals to eliminate unwanted emitters or to take other corrective actions.

Today, there are cost effective solutions to record known signals. But, to capture unknown signals or signals which only appear sporadically in the spectrum, existing methods have certain limitations. Either the entire spectrum of interest must be recorded for the entire surveillance session or an operator must monitor the spectrum and start & stop the recording manually. The traditional recording approach requires large amount of storage capacity and requires more time to analyze the data offline. The operator approach has obvious costs such as salary, but also training and scheduling of operators, and implies the risk to miss unknown or interfering signals due to manual operation.

ODEN 3001 is a cost-efficient solution, because it is an automated system which monitors the spectrum and captures only the signals of interest while active in the spectrum. This reduces the amount of needed storage capacity and the size of the data to be analyzed or post-processed. It also eliminates the costs related to having operators managing the systems 24/7 and the risk to miss signals of interest.




Specification highlights 


  • RF Receiver
    • Frequency range: 16kHz – 14GHz & 26.5GHz options
    • Instantaneous bandwidth (IBW): 765MHz (320MHz up to 3.6GHz)
  • Automatic recording of wideband & narrowband signals
  • Single wideband signal: 765MHz
  • Multiple wideband/narrowband signals: 125MHz-250MHz aggregated
  • Individual digital downconverters (DDC) options
    • 1024 DDCs for IBW up to 200MHz
    • 128 DDCs for IBW between 200MHz – 765MHz
  • Simultaneous processing of all triggered signals
    • Individual start & stop trigger levels
    • Hysteresis function to configure time a signal must be over the trigger level
    • Frequency resolution: Instantaneous bandwidth / 32768
    • Trigger conditions: Enter mask, Leave mask
  • High resolution frequency mask trigger (FMT): 32768 mask points
  • Acquisition rules:
    • Full band recording: Record configured instantaneous bandwidth
    • Record acquisition region: Record configured region as single channel
    • Narrowband channel recording: Narrowband channels centered around the detected signals are recorded with a pre-defined bandwidth per acquisition region.
  • Storage:
    • In-chassis and external RAID hardware options
    • 4TB-184TB enterprise grade disks
  • Recording editor: Configure Frequency mask, acquisition regions & acquisition rules
  • Live Spectrum and Spectrogram views
  • Intuitive list view to filter, select, replay and export recorded signals.
  • Hardware playback on request


User-friendly Graphical User Interface

The GUI ensures intuitive configuration and monitoring of the recording process. It comes with a real-time spectrum monitor with spectrum & spectrogram views. The frequency mask editor enables the user to configure, load and save trigger masks as well as acquisition regions & rules. All recorded signals are stored in separate data files. A list view makes it easy to select, save & export recorded data.

Frequency mask trigger (FMT)

A high resolution frequency mask can be configured per FFT bin. The mask is processed on a dedicated FPGA for deterministic performance. The mask has a configurable hysteresis and start and stop trigger which can be set to different levels. With the hysteresis function it is possible to configure the time a signal must be over the trigger level before it is triggered, making it possible to effectively filter out disturbances in the spectrum.

Multichannel DDCs

ODEN comes with 128 DDCs with configurable bandwidth and automatic gain control settings. For an IBW of up to 200MHz an 1024 DDC option is available. The aggregated instantaneous signal bandwidth for all DDCs combined is 125MHz to 250MHz depending on the configuration. All triggered signals are recorded simultaneously.

Acquisition regions

The full instantaneous bandwidth can be divided into multiple regions where each region can process the triggered mask with its own set of acquisition rules. This makes it possible to monitor a wide frequency band containing signals with varying bandwidth. It reduces the amount of the data to be recorded to the optimal size without missing important data.

Acquisition rules

Following acquisition rules can be independently configured per region:

  • Record full band: When triggered, the full configured real-time bandwidth is recorded.
  • Record acquisition region: When a trigger within the region occurs, the complete configured acquisition region is recorded.
  • Record narrowband channels: Narrowband channels centered around the detected signals are recorded with a pre-defined bandwidth per acquisition region.



Each recorded signal will be stored in a separate file. The files are postprocessed and indexed which makes it intuitive to search for the signals of interest. The filtered files can be exported to other file formats and offloaded to back-storage systems for further analysis.





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