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HUGIN 4000


HUGIN 4000 is our latest receiver platform optimized for strategic COMINT applications. Modular and built on the state-of-the-art software defined radio technology, this receiver platform can be used for monitoring, scanning and direction-finding applications.

The COMINT Receiver has 2-12 RF input channels and provides up to 6144 narrowband DDCs which makes it the leading receiver platform available on the market.


Key Facts | COMINT Receiver Platform:

  • 2 to 12 RF Input channels with 80 MHz instantaneous bandwidth each
  • Frequency range between 2 MHz – 6 GHz
  • 960 MHz aggregated bandwidth
  • A total of 6144 individually configurable DDCs
  • Superior sensitivity and high dynamic range
  • Independent and phase coherent tuning

"A Game Changer" | HUGIN 4000 COMINT Receiver Platform


HUGIN 4000 is our latest high-end addition to our receiver product line. It has 6 times more receiver inputs, 3 times more DDCs, 2 ½ times more real-time bandwidth and overall improved performance compared to HUGIN 2000. It also reduces the cost by 30-50%.

HUGIN 4000 has been quoted to be “a game changer”  by one of our lead customers as it opens up new possibilities within strategic COMINT.




  • HUGIN 4000 provides an aggregated bandwidth of 960 MHz for monitoring anywhere between the frequencies from 2 MHz to 6 GHz. Each of the RF inputs has a real time bandwidth of 80 MHz and can be tuned individually anywhere between 2 MHz-6 GHz.
  • In its full capacity, a single HUGIN 4000 simultaneously intercepts up to 6144 narrowband signals. Each of these DDCs are individually configurable during run-time. This feature enables the operators to adjust parameters like center frequency, bandwidth, gain, filter and choice of streaming IQ or demodulated data during run-time.
  • HUGIN 4000 comes with a server application and client architecture that allows remote operations and seamless parallel streaming of all interceptions. In addition, it has an intuitive API that allows easy integration with any third-party COMINT monitoring software.



  • HUGIN 4000 has 6144 individually configurable DDCs with 960 MHz aggregated bandwidth in a single receiver platform making it the most cost-efficient high-end receiver platform on the market.
  • With 6144 DDCs there is no need any more to prioritize which emitters to intercept. Operators can simply intercept all the emitters and ensure to not lose any important information.
  • HUGIN 4000 superior sensitivity combined with its high dynamic range ensures interception of both very weak and strong signals side by side.
  • Thanks to the modular hardware & software design combined with software defined radio technology HUGIN 4000 is very versatile.

HUGIN 4000 can match the rising demand within Strategic COMINT by maximizing its capacity from 2 to 12 RF inputs.


    Each of these inputs can cover anywhere between HF (2 MHz) to SHF (6GHz). In surveillance operations demands can fluctuate quickly on various missions, where HUGIN 4000’s modular design and software defined radio architecture adds value. This receiver platform can adapt its functionality from a monitoring to scanning receiver or from a narrowband to wideband streaming platform. Additionally, the phase coherent tuning feature paves the way for beam forming and direction finding applications, all in a single platform using the same hardware.



HUGIN 4000 comes in several standard configurations ranging from a starter receiver system with 2 RF inputs up to a fully equipped receiver system with 12 RF inputs.


HUGIN 4000 standard configurations:

HUGIN 4000 Standard configurations



  • GPS & IRIG-B (HUGIN 4006 requires upgrade to 4U – Large system chassis)
  • Wideband DDCs
  • Scanning Receiver mode
  • VITA-49 compliant (VITA 49.0 data format and VITA 49.2 control)
  • 4U – Large system chassis

In the future additional options will be available through software upgrades.



HUGIN 4000 can be customized to any of your projects or mission requirements upon request. The versatile platform combined with our business model helps you to get the best possible receiver system fulfilling your requirements while being cost effective.




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