LabVIEW Classroom Training

At Your Level

Are you curious about LabVIEW’s programming possibilities or are you an more experienced LabVIEW user? We offer the right training for you. Novator Solutions offers LabVIEW courses in Stockholm lead by an experienced LabVIEW Programmer. The courses are made in cooperation with CNRood and VI-Technology.

Read more about the upcoming courses below or contact us for more information.

LabVIEW Fundamentals Course

The next course date is 17-19 September 


Day 1

  • General introduction
  • Software Programming
  • Fundamentals
  • The LabVIEW Environment
  • Writing a small LabVIEW program

Day 2

  • Using LabVIEW to take measurements
  • Analyzing and storing results
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Commonly used programming principles in LabVIEW

Day 3

  • Start to build a Thermal Chamber tester
  • Battleship game – debugging and improvements
  • Q&A


Advanced LabVIEW Course

The next course date is 8-10 October

The advanced course is the continuation of  “LabVIEW Fundamentals”. The course will cover:

  • Communicating between parallel loops with Queues and Events
  • GOOP (Classes, methods, attributes and encapsulation)
  • Creating classes and methods with help of the OpenGDS
  • Using these classes to create an application in combination with the design patters/architectures from the Fundamentals course
  • Installers, executables and packages
  • Source Code Control / Working in Teams
  • Introduction to UML Class Diagrams


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Register here for one of the LabVIEW courses. Fill out the form and mention which of the courses you would like to attend. Feel free to
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