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Novator Solutions is a trusted provider of quality assurance solutions. Our QA engineers help your company ensure products meet the desired quality standards and requirements through hardware and software testing. We focus on high quality engineering solutions and strive for continuous improvement. We offer 3 types of QA consultants: QA Managers, QA Specialists, and QA Engineers/teststers.

QA Managers

Our QA Managers have a good understanding of customer needs and requirements which makes them great leaders for QA teams. Below are some of the common responsibilities of a QA manager.

        • Review and ensure compliance with product specifications and processes developed by QA specialists and engineers.
        • Making sure that health and safety guidelines and legal obligations are followed.
        • Supervising controllers, technicians and other staff and providing feedback and guidance.
        • Overseeing product development procedures and identifying deviations from quality standards.
        • Keeping good and clear documentation for statistical analysis will detect defective product trends early on to reduce cost and increase quality.
        • Gathering feedback from customers to assess whether requirements and specifications are met and finding opportunities for improvement, and increasing efficiency of procedures.

QA Specialists

Our QA specialist will help your organization to make procedures to improve product quality by following standards and regulations. Reducing cost of production by making production and development more efficient. Below are common QA specialist tasks.

        • Writing procedures making sure standards and regulations are observed and followed.
        • Addressing and discussing defects and issues to help prevent irregularities and improve standards and regulations.
        • Documenting, auditing, and reporting all QA activities.
        • Recommending improvements for potential risks or issues occurring.
        • Using and creating training material for quality management systems.
        • Writing Operating manuals, increasing efficiency and streamlining product development procedures.

QA Engineers/Tester

Our QA Engineers will execute quality control defined in QA procedures and flag any inconsistencies and defects in production. Below are common QA Engineering/Testing tasks.

• Run automated quality control processes according to test procedures.
• Identify, report, and document any defects and inconsistencies.
• Recommend solutions and improvements for products and procedures.
• Make root cause analysis of problems that occur.
• Smaller scripting tasks to help improve QC processes. And suggest improvements to test scripts.


Benefits of QA

Our quality assurance (QA) consultants will help your company ensure products meet the desired quality standards and requirements.
With the help of QA processes, your company will benefit in many ways. View a couple of benefits listed here.


Product quality

QA processes will ensure high quality and great functionality by identifying and
preventing defects, inconsistencies, and issues on products before they reach
the customer and perhaps before they arise.

Cost reduction

By detecting and finding issues in the development process costs will be reduced significantly compared to customers finding the issues.

Efficiency Improvement

Efficiency Improvement: The QA process will help increase your efficiency through
streamlining production by identifying bottlenecks, redundant steps, or inefficient practices.

Risk Mitigation

QA processes will help your company identify potential risks and vulnerability in products.
Reducing these risks early will prevent costly failures and make sure that the product is
compliant with standards and requirements.

Customer satisfaction and company branding

Customer satisfaction and company branding: The QA processes will help ensure
that products meet or exceed customer expectations. Which will lead to repeat
business, increased customer satisfaction and potential referrals along with your
brand strengthening.

Shorter time to market

With early detection of defects and issues, less rework of products is needed, which
will lead to a shorter time to market.

Data driven decision making

Data can be collected through good quality control procedures. The data will give insights
into product performance that can be used to make informed decisions.das för att fatta välgrundade beslut.


Other Services

Our test system architects are happy to help you with the design and programming of more advanced fully automatic test systems. Read more about our system architects and design & development of complete test systems here.
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