We provide custom implementations which are tailored to your specific recording & playback or multi-channel processing requirements. Typically, we can use our existing products or components as a starting point.

Customized Solutions

Tailered to Your Unique Business Needs


We provide custom implementations which are tailered to your specific recording & playback or multi-channel processing requirements. Typically, we can use our existing products or components as a starting point.

Non-recurring engineering offering

Novator Solutions has helped customers for over a decade on the journey from initial idea to a final product or turn-key solution.

We have specialized in building solutions which require RF & synchronization and high data rate expertise. Our customized products and solutions are based on industry leading platforms and in-house developed building blocks. To fulfill the industries’ continuously increasing requirements we utilize FPGAs for heavy computational and timing tasks such as real-time signal processing, multi-channel synchronization or gap-less recording over a long period of time.

Based on your custom need we walk you through the process from requirements analysis to deliverables of the final solution. We agree on a pricing model which fits the project and are happy to discuss after sales options like extended warranty and support agreements. Click on the below blocks to learn more about each step in the process.

Development & Delivery Process


Custom Need

Custom Need

Whenever you have an idea or need but are not able to find an off-the shelf product we are happy to discuss a custom implementation with you. Ideally your requirements are based on our building blocks or standard products and align with one or more of our capabilities we have developed for over a decade.


  • High performance data streaming (Record & Playback)

  • Configurable multichannel DDC (Channelization)

  • FPGA enabled signal processing (Multichannel DDC, FFT, …)

  • Real-time operation (For determinism)

  • Software architecture (For scalability & maintainability)


Require­ments Analysis

Requirements Analysis

We evaluate your requirements and help you to identify missing requirements. Our experts look both at immediate as well as longer-term requirements which can have a significant impact on its future usability and maintainability. This ensures that you get precisely the functionality that you need and helps identify technical risks early in the project.

Dependent on the level of missing requirements and identified risks it can be beneficial for both you and us to conduct a pilot study. The scope of the pre-study can vary, but often the focus is to validate functionality or determine and qualify the technical risks. The deliverables of the pilot-study can vary from reports to proof-of-concepts with reusable building blocks.

Pilot studies help both of us identify mitigation strategies for the technical risks and provide accurate and transparent pricing of the final solution.


Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Our development team uses agile methodologies during the development but depending on your preferences we can offer fixed price or time & material pricing models.

Fixed price

In a fixed-price-project the deliverables, and how to evaluate them, are decided before the project starts.

Once we have the requirements, we provide a quotation with an all-inclusive price for a system that fulfills them, including factory and site acceptance tests to be performed to verify the functionality upon delivery. A product owner is appointed by Novator Solutions and we develop the system fulfilling the already agreed upon requirements.



  • No financial risk – you know from day one what you will pay.


  • Limited possibility to reprioritize deliverables after order – deliverables must be thoroughly validated before project start.

  • Limited possibility of beta-testing or pre-releases. We work according to requirements document and test programs until full functionality can be delivered.

  • Commitment to pay full system delivery even if certain functionality is reprioritized.

Time & Materials

In a time & materials project, a scope for the project is set. A list of deliverables and preferably how to evaluate them are decided on, and we give an estimate on the time we think it will take to implement the system.

Throughout the project, a project manager from Novator Solutions and a product owner and users from you meet up during regular intervals during which the deliverables list can be reprioritized, amended or deducted to achieve the best possible system with the least amount of investment.



  • Validation work of deliverables can be less thorough.

  • Customer can test beta-versions of system and change deliverables to optimize it throughout the project.

  • Project can be closed as soon as the desired functionality level has been achieved. Or a first version can be deployed while we continue to work on upgrades


  • Customer has to take the financial risk of a decided upon termination period.




We can deliver customizations at any integration level that you need.

Component – a subsystem developed to work with other components, for example an application software or specific algorithm implementation.

Customized product – Complete hardware and software system, tested together, but that you might need to integrate with other products to achieve your end goal.

Turn-key solution – Fully integrated system. Components of system can be from Novator Solutions or any other vendor. You simply to turn the key and start the system.


After Sales

After Sales

Our ambition is always to develop long-term relationships with our customers.

For hardware components, customized products and turn-key solutions, we always give standard 1-year warranty, and offer the possibility for extension.

Further we offer support agreements with dedicated resources available for training of your personnel, update requests, or troubleshooting.


Comint receiver

HUGIN 4000

The state-of-the-art receiver platform for a wide range of strategic COMINT applications like monitoring, scanning and direction finding. HUGIN 4000 is built on a modular platform and based on the latest SDR technology.


MUNIN 1005 - IF Wideband Recorder

MUNIN 1005-IF configurable wideband IF recorder with gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IF signals from 2 MHz to 600 MHz realtime bandwith.

ODEN 3001

ODEN 3001

ODEN 3001 is the first intelligent RF spectrum recorder within Novator Solutions wideband record and playback offering with 26.5GHz frequency range and 765MHz real-time bandwidth.



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