The Best LabVIEW Consultants in Northern Europe

With 13 certified LabVIEW Architects has Novator Solutions Swedens brightest LabVIEW and TestStand consultants.

LabVIEW Consultants

Experts within Programming & Software development

Novator Solutions’ experienced LabVIEW consultants strengthen your team and help you achieve your goals. We have many years of experience and Sweden’s sharpest experts in Test, Measurement and Monitoring.

Why choose Novator Solutions LabVIEW Consultants

  • With 13 Certified LabVIEW architects, we have the best competence available in northern Europe
  • Novator Solutions is recognized by NI (National Instruments) as ‘Centre of Excellence’ for top level LabVIEW and TestStand Consultancy and Services
  • Novator Solutions LabVIEW consultants have many years of experience in developing test and measurement systems
  • Our developers and architects have independent certification that validates their knowledge
  • We have experts for small ad-hoc updates & large development projects
  • All our LabVIEW and TestStand consultants are used to working with agile methods
  • Our consultants work with the various variants and tools that belong to LabVIEW’s ecosystem, such as LV Real-Time, LV FPGA, LV OOP and GOOP

What is LabVIEW? 

LabVIEW is probably the best programming language for test, measurement and control applications that require fast access to hardware and data. LabVIEW offers a graphical programming method to help you visualize all aspects of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and troubleshooting. This visualization makes it easy to integrate measurement hardware from all vendors, represent complex logic in the chart, develop data analysis algorithms, and design custom technical user interfaces. Watch the introductory video from LabVIEW here.

LabVIEW Consultants

Our consultants offer project-based LabVIEW, Teststand and Veristand services such as software development and analysis, to support complex systems. All Novator Solutions LabVIEW consultants are experts who lead everything from small projects to the most complex projects in your organization. We help speed up your test and measurement project and free up your resources!

Novator Solutions consultants are experts in the development of small to very large test and measurement systems in LabVIEW, for both production and development tests. You can hire our consultants to be a programming expert in your project or you can hire us to develop a turnkey test system including mechanics, electronics and project management. Novator Solutions is excellent as the “NI Center of Excellence” so you can be sure that we have the knowledge to make your project successful.


All consultants at Novator Solutions are certified LabVIEW experts and has many years of experience in building test and measurement system adjusted to your needs. 

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Better quality, faster development, at a lower price with Framework-based Testing Systems.


CLACertified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)

Most of our Consultants have the highest level of LabVIEW certification, CLA. It demonstrates mastery in architecting and project managing LabVIEW applications.

Certified TestStand ArchitectCertified TestStand Architect

The CTA is the highest level of TestStand certification, and it demonstrates the ability to architect, and project manage TestStand applications for multiple developers.

NI Center of ExcellenceNI Center of Excellence

Novator Solutions is recognized by NI (National Instruments) as ‘Centre of Excellence‘ for top level LabVIEW and TestStand Consultancy and Services.

Our LabVIEW Consulting Services

Novator Solutions experts offer a wide range of professional services that can assist you with the design, development, and deployment of the most complex systems. With our in-depth expertise, we lead everything from small to complex projects in your organization.

System Development

We help you with your design and development initiatives. Whether you’re working on a single project, standardizing your development, or designing products. Our LabVIEW consultants can work with your team to integrate the products into your Test and Measurement application.

System Integration

At Novator Solutions we have what it takes to deliver complete Test and Measurement solutions. From system design and architecture to coding, optimization, integration of software and hardware, and deployment. Our LabVIEW Consultants can tailor each system to meet your company’s specific needs.


Novator Solutions offers training that matches your needs and helps you and your team get the most out of your software. More information can be found here.

Migration and Upgrade Assistance

Our LabVIEW Consultants help you to integrate new Test and Measurement technologies as they become available so that you can innovate faster. We streamline processes and help you mitigate risk through design reviews and migration services. Novator Solutions Consultants help you deploy the latest tools in LabVIEW and future-proof your investments.

Prototyping and Feasibility Analysis

The LabVIEW experts help you select the best technology to ensure maximum productivity, adhere to application specifications, and minimize investment cost.  Our consultants can perform a detailed requirements analysis and conduct prototype development or a feasibility analysis for recommending designs.

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