The CatchR ­Concept

Glen Canyon dam
Artic conditions



Attach a wide variety of sensors and measure virtually anything with our CatchR stations. Their ­unparallelled flexibility make them a perfect choice for your remote measuring needs.



Our CatchR stations are ­tailored for easy deployment even in ­extremely remote areas and harsh ­environments. Being ­battery powered and charged by solar panels makes them ­completely self-sufficient in power, even beyond the polar circles.

The CatchR stations are equipped with satellite communication, and can be placed anywhere on the planet.



Data is sent to a server running ­Novator Solutions’ CatchR•Hub software, stored in a database and made accessible to the end user:

• Alarms sent via SMS and/or email to users
• Instant access through the ­CatchR•Net web ­portal from any device with ­internet access
• To existing production servers, or to SCADA ­systems using CatchR•Link

The CatchR•Net and CatchR•Hub server software are usually hosted by Novator Solutions, but can also be licensed to run within your company’s
own environment.

The CatchR•Net web portal ­provides your users instant access to ­measurement data from your CatchR stations.

• Review current and historical data in list view or graphs
• Configure alarm levels and recipients
• Export data to Excel
… and much more!

CatchR•Link is an addon product which allows data from your CatchR stations to be streamed into your SCADA system and can also be used in conjunction with our other methods of data ­access.


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