Hugin 200


Hugin 200 Multichannel Receiver produces 256 narrowband channels out of 320 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. With the 4 independent antenna inputs of 80 MHz bandwidth and real time signal processing the user can monitor wideband spectrums and get hundreds of narrowband channels for inline processes.

hugin 200



Signal Processing
Hugin 200 heritage the success of Hugin 2000 internal signal processing. We use FPGAs to get fast, reliable and consistency in real time operations. Processing of narrowband channels in the receiver reduces the need of streaming the full bandwidth over network. Each channel are configurable to output raw I/Q- or demodulated data. In total this means, there is less need of computation in the host environment.

Placement and Communication
Hugin 200 has a small footprint of only 1 U height and half rack width. It is controlled remotely via highspeed 10Gbit network. The host computer can be placed at another location which enables flexible placement of the receiver. The communication protocols are open and can be integrated into other system environments.

4 receivers in one
One Hugin 200 covers 320 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth based out of 4 RF inputs. With the spectrum stream new energy can be detected and with the channelization technic narrowband channels are steamed to any given host.
The 256 channels can be places independently of each other and tuner. This gives the user the most flexibility cost effectiveness out of the hardware.


Hugin 200 Multichannel Receiver is built on COTS products from National Instruments. Together with our IP we offer a cost effective and small footprint receiver for wideband spectrum monitoring and hundreds of digital down converted narrowband channels for further processing.

• 4x80MHz RF Tuners, 10 to 6000MHz
• SFP+ 10GB connectivity only
– SFP0 for control and spectrum
– SFP1 for channel data UDP stream
• TCP/IP command, open API for remote control
• 256 Channels independently configurable
– Center frequency
– Sample Rate (Bandwidth)
– Gain
– Filter selection
– End target IP address for UDP stream of I/Q-data or FM, AM, SSB and CW demodulated channel data.


The receivers are shipped preinstalled with default settings. The host computer, not included, need to be running Windows to support the receiver drivers and server software.

Standard Receivers:
Hugin-200 with GPS Timestamp
Hugin-200 without GPS Timestamp

Standard Shipment Package:
• Hugin-200 Multichannel Receiver Hardware
• Server software and Client (debugging purpose)
• License(s)
• Documentation
• 1 year warranty, support and software upgrades.



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