Novator Solutions visited National Instruments Northern European Alliance Summit in Amsterdam 2017

NI VP Tony Vento mentions Novator Solutions NC-10 Channelizer in keynote speech at NER 2017

Novator Solutions participated in the National Instruments Northern European Alliance Summit in Amsterdam, March 2017.

National Instruments Vice President, Systems Assurance and Partners, Tony Vento made the keynote presentation at NI NER Alliance. The Novator Solutions NC-10 Channelizer available on LabVIEW tools Network (LVTN) was especially mentioned as a success story by Tony.

Link to National Instruments Alliance Partner Network

The NC-10 Channelizer is currently being further developed. A new NC-10 version will be available on LVTN Q2/Q3 this year. New features will be High Dynamic Range and multi platform support.
Please follow us for updates on the NC-10 development.

NI VP Tony Vento and ASM Peter Engelbracht

VP Tony Vento at National Instruments Northern European Alliance Summit in Amsterdam being thanked for his keynote speech by NI Area Sales Manager
(ASM) for Benelux, Peter Engelbracht.

NC 10 product image

Novator Solutions NC-10 Channelizer product currently available at LabView Tools Network (LVTN)

The current version of the NC-10 is a FPGA-based Channelizer capable of extracting up to 1024 channels in real time. The Channelizer is powered by ChannelCore Flex from RFEL. The NC-10 is part of Novator Solutions Channelizer product range – NCR where the NCR-2000 Channelizer Server can be found.

Download the Channelizer NC-10 Toolkit

For more info on Channelization please go to this Spectral Data Analysis