Michael Wolf joins the LabVIEW elites at Novator Solutions as LabVIEW consultant

Novator Solutions is proud to announce that Michael Wolf joined the LabVIEW expert team. Michael obtained his PhD in collision-induced dissociation of complex molecules in the gas phase.

He found the LabVIEW programming he did for experimental setups the part of the job that he cherished the most though and applied to Novator Solutions to have the chance to work with LabVIEW full time, building and automating test and measurement rigs.

Please join us in welcoming Michael to our team of LabVIEW consultants!

Are you also interested in joining the team of LabVIEW experts at Novator Solutions?
Contact Johan Hillergren to discuss the possibilities: johan.hillergren@novatorsolutions.se or call +46 70-214 82 03

Systemutvecklare at Novator Solutions AB

Systemutvecklare at Novator Solutions AB