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Novator Solutions has Sweden’s brightest LabVIEW consultants that can strengthen your team to meet your goals in Test, Control and Automation. Our developers and architects have independent certifications validating their LabVIEW knowledge, and are used to working with agile methodologies.

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Certified Developers

Certified Developers

Novator Solutions employs the sharpest LabVIEW consultants. According to ourselves, but also according to National Instruments, since we have 12 certified LabVIEW architects – more than any other company in Sweden. This means that when you hire a consultant from us, you gain access to that person’s skills, but also a large network of other experts when difficult challenges arise.
We are also National Instruments only qualified migration partner in Sweden. This means that National Instruments has reviewed our project process and previous experience of migrating code from older operating systems or LABVIEW versions.

Other skills

We are also National Instruments only qualified migration partner in Sweden. Our consultants are used to working with agile system development methods. We are primarily software developers, but all our engineers have fundamental knowledge of measurement technology and electronics, as well as LabVIEW programming in LabVIEW Real-time and LabVIEW FPGA. As our LabVIEW consultants are experts, they can deliver results immediately and can bring experience and expertise from both your industry, but also from other fields.

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Follow up

In a collaboration with you we formulate a description of the assignment to determine the level of expertise required for the project.Based on the aforementioned assignment description we assess who or which of our consultants are best suited for the task.To ensure the best possible match for your team you will have the opportunity to interview the consultants we deem best suited for the assignment.When you and our candidate feel satisfied with the match a start date and assignment length is agreed upon. The consultant will be working directly with your team for the duration of the project.We make sure to continuously follow up with both client and consultant to ensure both are satisfied with the collaboration and that the assignment progresses as desired.




Test Systems Development

Novator Solutions system architects help your company design and develop turnkey test systems. Our expertise is to help companies with everything from simple troubleshooting to advanced system development. We can provide the test system as a starting point for you to develop further, but are also happy to offer long-term commitment with support agreements or continuous further development. We can help you incorporate advanced validation and verification methods like Rapid Control Prototpying (RCP) or Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation, or build flexible and scalable rigs for system test or advanced logging.

Contact Johan Hillergren for more information about our consultancy services:
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Complete System

In the development of complete systems, we can take full responsibility for the entire development chain: From compiling the list of demands through design and construction of mechanics, pneutmatics and electronics, to software and database development and installation. In order to maintain the highest level of all parts of each system, we always use trusted and certified partners in areas beyond our own expertise.

Revision control

For all our projects, granted that the customer so desires, we provide revision control of our customer’s code and other system deliverables. This provides structure and total traceability over the development of the system, as well as providing additional security in the form of an external backup. However, the source code is always the property of the customer if it wishes to continue work on its own, or with another partner. We have not experienced the latter, but the first is a common situation for us. Many times, we have helped in the early stages of the test system development to achieve a robust and scalable structure, which has in turn been maintained and developed further by the customer, or in cooperation with us during times of intense development.

Agile development

Novator Solutions works with agile system development methods. The work is done incrementally and iteratively, which means that working part-deliveries of functionality occurs regularly according to a schedule and that plans and methods are continuously evaluated and improved. Our LabVIEW experts formulate goals and ambitions with the system together with you at an early stage. Purposeful and user-centered development is performed through close cooperation throughout the development period with frequent and regular meetings between developers and clients/recipients.

System development






Needs Analysis

Pilot Study


Agile Development

Supervised Launch

We analyze together the needs of measurement, analysis, logging and traceability that your specific application has.Larger projects are often preceded by a preliminary study to identify and, if possible, eliminate technical risks as early as possible.The different components of the system are defined, and potential partners for electronics, mechanics or pneumatics identified.The system is developed in an agile development process, where you are continuously informed of progress and given the opportunity to fine-tune the system’s design.The system is launched, but we will help with adjustments during the first period. Longer support agreements to secure continuous updates can also be offered.


We are passionate about helping companies with everything from more simple troubleshooting to advanced system development. Thanks to our expertise in measurement systems, we often work in teams based at customers’ sites. Fostering good relationships and providing a high level of skills result in the greatest benefits for customers. We value quality and efficiency.

Production test and refurbishment tool for Telia Company


Telia Company AB offers wireless logging units for cars that can revolutionize car insurance. By logging the driving pattern of the driver, insurance companies can offer truly individual insurance policies. Careful drivers no longer need to subsidize reckless drivers. If a customer terminates their insurance, the logging unit shall be refurbished, meaning previous data should be cleared and the unit should be reinstalled and tested, so that it can be reused again.

This refurbishment tool presents a number of challenges, such as multiple buses and protocols, need for high throughput, user friendliness and operator training and need for low maintenance and possibility of upgrading. Novator Solutions addressed these challenges by implementing sequencing and reporting on the industry standard test executive TestStand. The DUT control was implemented on a CompactRIO, using a Hardware Abstraction Layer architecture to facilitate future updates to the hardware.

Read more about the solutions and its benefits for Telia Company by downloading the full case study here.

Electrolux Dishwasher Performance Test Lab


The Global R&D Dish Care department at Electrolux struggled with low throughput in their dishwasher performance test lab. They needed a new, reliable test system to replace the old one.

Electrolux is very pleased with the new test system, thanks in particular to its high level of reliability and how easy the system is to use for operators. The system is currently being used in two countries in a total of 72 test stations. Electrolux owns the source code, which means they are in full control and can make changes to the code themselves if needed.

Read the full Electrolux case study.

Download the full Electrolux case study

GE Healthcare Lab Assistant


GE Healthcare needed a simpler way of running and testing its ÄKTA-product series of chromatograph modules. The old test script engine was complicated to use and had only rudimentary functionality.

Lab Assistant, a turnkey solution based on NI LabVIEW, provided GE Healthcare with a robust test system featuring a user-friendly interface for interacting with the ÄKTA modules. Using the modules, it is easy to get started creating or modifying scripts.

Download the full GE Healthcare case study.

Proximion and SKF – Application and user interface for roller bearing measurements


Proximion is the market leader in Fiber Bragg-grating (FBG) applications. SKF and Proximion have a partnership to combine SKF’s fiber optic  measurement technology and Proximion’s knowledge about advanced fiberoptic sensors and data acquisition units.

Novator Solutions applied our LabVIEW expertise to develop a modern and aesthetic graphical user interface for configuring measurements and visualizing data from roller bearings equipped with FBG enabled optical sensors.

Automated test cell for pump characterization


Pahlén is a genuine Swedish company with 50 years’ experience of manufacture of quality products for swimming pools. As they build a new test lab, they turned to Novator Solutions for designing an automated test cell for the control and measurement of their development units during characterization, to avoid time consuming and error prone manual work, and increase repeatability.

Novator Solutions made a fully automated program, with simple creation and application of test profiles. The new program reduced the manual time spent on executing a test by 90%. Logging and reporting is done automatically, making a test fully repeatable and characterization curves directly comparable.

Opalum Sound Optimization System


Developing the sound optimization system on the LabVIEW platform has drastically reduced the time to market for Opalum. The result is a highly versatile, scalable solution. The system is also protected from reverse engineering.

Download the full Opalum case study.


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