Novator Solutions – Alliance Partner of the Year 2017

Novator Solutions were announced as winner of the Alliance Partner of the Year 2017 award during the Northern European Alliance Day organized by National Instruments in Amsterdam last week. We are honored to win the award for the second time in our five-year tenure in the Alliance Partner program.

We want to thank National Instruments for the strong cooperation which gives Novator Solutions the chance to build top class customer-defined solutions in the test-, automation- and advanced control industry, and cutting edge products in the SIGINT and ELINT domain. At Novator Solutions we offer a high level of application expertise and in-depth knowledge of NI products, platforms and systems. All our LabVIEW developers and architects are experts in these platforms and are delivering systems of the highest quality to our customers. Our partnership with NI is a cornerstone to our business, and for that reason this award is especially meaningful to us as an indicator that it is a two-way relationship.

Novator Solutions Proud winner of the Alliance Partner of the Year award


Two new Channelizer products

The latest outcomes of this strong business relationship:

  • NC-10 Channelizer for USRP

At this moment Novator Solutions’ team is working hard towards the release of the NC-10 Channelizer for USRP. The toolkit contains software as well as FPGA-bitfiles to turn the device into a powerful channelized radio, allowing users and system integrators to extract 512 GPS-timestamped signals of interest from four RF inputs and stream the extracted signals as well as the original wideband RF input via UDP. Read more about the NC-10 channelizer for USRP here.

  • The NC-10 Channelizer Toolkit – NI PXIe-7976-support added

The latest version of the toolkit can be downloaded directly from the National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network.

NC-10 Channelizer is a toolkit that helps LabVIEW users take advantage of powerful industry-leading channelization techniques. It has two parts: a host API and an FPGA bitfile configured by the API. You can extract up to 512 channels simultaneously on NI PXIe-7976 and up to 1024 channels on NI PXIe-7975. All channels are individually configurable in runtime in terms of center frequency, bandwidth, gain and filtering.

NC-10 Channelizer can be integrated in other systems where it uses peer-to-peer streaming to receive data from signal sources (vector signal analyzers, digitizers, and so on). The channelized data is sent to the host or other peer-to-peer capable devices. Read more at the LabVIEW Tools Network.

Novator Solutions NC-10 Channelizer product currently available at LabView Tools Network (LVTN)


About Novator Solutions AB

Novator Solutions is an engineering and software development company specializing in test system development, National Instruments hardware and software, turn-key solutions and products for advanced RF signal processing. Novator Solutions, based in Stockholm, has customers worldwide. The company’s main business areas are remote measurement with satellite telemetry, control automation and test for industry and spectral data analysis for advanced RF data analysis, all based on National Instruments products. With 18 technical employees, of which 12 are Certified LabVIEW Architects, Novator Solutions is truly experienced and specialized in NI hardware and software.

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