Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Novator Solutions develops test and measurement systems and provides consultant services. Our operations are divided into four key business areas: Spectral Data Analysis, Navigation, Remote Measurement and Control, Automate & Test.

Spectral Data Analysis

We deliver complete, turnkey systems for recording-, storing-, channelizing-, and analyzing data from broadband real-time RF and radar sources.



We produce the next generation of robust satellite-communication systems enabling safe navigation during circumstances with natural- or man-made disturbances.


Remote Measurement

Our robust remote measurement tools make it possible to monitor conditions in remote locations.


Control, Automate & Test

Our highly qualified consultants have extensive experience in system architecture and development of test systems.



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20 – 23 May NIWeek 2019 Austin, Texas



16 – 18 June Electronic Warfare Europe 2020 Liverpool, United Kingdom


At Novator Solutions, our employees are our biggest asset. That’s why we think it is important that our team members are given the opportunity to grow professionally. We also want our employees to achieve a good work-life balance.

We are involved in many exciting and challenging assignments for customers in a variety of industries. Employees receive both internal and external training, and of course we offer both health-care premiums and flexible hours.

When you work for Novator Solutions, you can quickly claim a spot as one of Sweden’s foremost experts in LabVIEW and work in projects on the leading edge of technology. If you think this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to submit your résumé. We would love to have you on the team!

Our employees enjoy benefits such as wellness promotion subsidies and flexible hours. Call to find out more about the opening or submit your application as soon as possible!

See current openings below.

Current Openings

Would you like to be part of a group of highly skilled LabVIEW developers, working with exciting, advanced projects for our customers?

LabVIEW Architects and Developers

Your role will mainly be to develop systems in National Instruments’ LabVIEW, VeriStand, and TestStand software products. You will be given the opportunity to design test and control systems for both development and production. The nature of the work can vary a lot between assignments, and you will learn a lot. Depending on the assignment, you may be working at a customer’s site or in-house with colleagues. For the right person, this job offers great opportunities for personal development.


Henrik Ulfhielm  +46 70 551 70 32

We are looking for experienced system developers and architects with a strong interest in technology and considerable experience in LabVIEW. You must be able to work independently with requirement gathering, system design, and development as a consultant for our customers. In addition, you have knowledge in several of these areas:

  • LabVIEW, preferably also LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW RT, and LabVIEW Vision
  • Object-oriented development with GOOP and G#
  • TestStand
  • VeriStand
  • Test system design
  • RF
  • Electronic design
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)
  • You must be fluent in spoken and written English, and any previous knowledge of Swedish is highly meriting
Novator Solutions is an expert at developing and designing test systems, particularly in LabVIEW. We provide complete solutions, products, and consultant services. Our office is based in Djursholm, Stockholm.

Novator Solutions is a National Instruments RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner, with the highest number of certified LabVIEW architects in Northern Europe.

Our ambition is for Novator Solutions to be an attractive employer for talented system developers, so we place great importance on providing a pleasant work atmosphere.

We give you the opportunity to hone and develop your skills. Nine certified LabVIEW Architects work for Novator Solutions, and if you would also like to be certified, we will support you on that journey.

Our employees enjoy benefits such as wellness promotion subsidies and flexible hours. Call to find out more about the opening or submit your application as soon as possible!