With a team of Sweden’s brightest LabVIEW developers, we help companies design and develop control, automation and test systems.

Many of Sweden’s biggest companies are loyal, satisfied customers.

  • Ericsson – We’re developing software for testing base stations.
  • Electrolux – Together with Electrolux, we’re developing a system used to perform performance tests on dishwashers.
  • Volvo CE – We’re developing Sweden’s most complex, advanced HIL systems in LabVIEW. These systems are used to simulate the environment around control computers (engine control units) for construction equipment.
  • ASSA Abloy – We’re developing a platform for functional testing of electronic locks.
  • PIAB – We’re developing systems for functional and performance testing of vacuum ejectors.

Gold Alliance Partner

As proof of our expertise in system development and LabVIEW, National Instruments has named us one of only two Gold Alliance Partners in Sweden.

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Having Sweden’s best LabVIEW developers in our team, we help clients design and develop systems for control, automation and test. We are the right cooperation partner for you, both for developing complete turnkey systems and for providing developers when you need LabVIEW consultants to strengthen your own operation.

Understanding Test

We have extensive experience and knowledge in test development. Thanks to this, we can do far more than just develop a system as requested by a customer. In addition to this, we also help optimize their entire test operations. We prefer to get involved in a very early stage of upgrading or building test operations. We can then contribute as much as possible with our experience, and ensure that our customers can get the most out of their testing.

Turnkey Systems

When developing complete systems, we are not just responsible for the design and development of the system’s software but also for gathering the requirements, designing and setting up the mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, and database architecture. If an area is outside our expertise, we entrust only in reliable, certified partners . This ensures that we provide the highest level of quality.

Client Owns All The Code

For all our projects, we maintain version control on the client’s code. We thereby provide structure and total traceability of the system development. We also make sure that the solutions we create can continue to evolve. All code that our LabVIEW consultants develop for a customer is owned by the customer and well documented with future development in mind. Many times, in the early stages of test development, we help to create a robust, scalable architecture that the customer can continue developing by themselves. So if our work would not meet the client’s expectations, they can turn to another company – but this has not happened yet!


We are passionate about helping companies with everything from more simple troubleshooting to advanced system development. Thanks to our expertise in measurement systems, we often work in teams based at customers’ sites. Fostering good relationships and providing a high level of skills result in the greatest benefits for customers. We value quality and efficiency.

Electrolux Dishwasher Performance Test Lab

The Global R&D Dish Care department at Electrolux struggled with low throughput in their dishwasher performance test lab. They needed a new, reliable test system to replace the old one.

Electrolux is very pleased with the new test system, thanks in particular to its high level of reliability and how easy the system is to use for operators. The system is currently being used in two countries in a total of 72 test stations. Electrolux owns the source code, which means they are in full control and can make changes to the code themselves if needed.

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GE Healthcare Lab Assistant

GE Healthcare needed a simpler way of running and testing its ÄKTA-product series of chromatograph modules. The old test script engine was complicated to use and had only rudimentary functionality.

Lab Assistant, a turnkey solution based on NI LabVIEW, provided GE Healthcare with a robust test system featuring a user-friendly interface for interacting with the ÄKTA modules. Using the modules, it is easy to get started creating or modifying scripts.

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Opalum Sound Optimization System

Developing the sound optimization system on the LabVIEW platform has drastically reduced the time to market for Opalum. The result is a highly versatile, scalable solution. The system is also protected from reverse engineering.

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